Hill Street Grocer, West Hobart

A landmark of the West Hobart neighbourhood for decades, the Hill Street Grocer has grown with the local community from renown corner store into the home of fresh and local produce in Hobart.

Now in a hugely expanded location at the top end of Hill Street (they used to be squeezed into what is now Smolt Kitchen) the Hill Street Grocer can meet all your grocery needs from fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, poultry, game, cheeses and more.

All produce is sourced from the best local, Australian and international suppliers. If you don’t feel like doing the cooking yourself, there are always a wide range of delicious ready to eat meals and salads on offer in the deli cabinets. It is also a great place to drop in for specialty wines and local craft beers.

If you’re shopping over in South Hobart, try out their south side location, The Salad Bowl.

Hill Street Grocer, West Hobart
70 Arthur St, West Hobart

The Salad Bowl
362 Macquarie St, South Hobart

Grocery shopping from Hill Street Grocer, West Hobart
Cheese, cured meats, bread and salad from the Hill Street Grocer, West Hobart
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